bpost resumes deliveries outside of Europe

As lockdown is loosened in Belgium, so its postal service bpost has announced that it is now able to deliver to many destinations outside Europe that weren’t possible mid-crisis.

On March 19 bpost announced that there would be no letter or parcel shipments outside of Europe while the peak of the pandemic passed. The postal operator announced, “bpost is now delighted to announce the resumption of letter and parcel shipments to several major destinations outside Europe, namely the United States, Canada, China, Russia and Brazil, from Tuesday the 12 May 2020. This means that customers are again able to drop their letters and parcels at post offices and in the red post boxes for shipment to these major destinations.”

Full regular service will not come up to speed for a while though thanks to the impact of the pandemic on the global postal network. Flights to those destinations for example have limited capacity relative to demand for the cargo space. At the destination countries, bpost also said that there will also be problems with delivery speeds due to local responses to the pandemic.