bpost stamp prices frozen for 2017

The Belgian postal regulator BIPT has announced it is not to approve bpost’s proposed stamp price increases for 2017. In Belgium this will mean that stamp prices will remain the same this year.

In a statement, bpost said that it “regrets” BIPT’s decision, which it believes is “contrary to Belgian and European Union law”.

“Furthermore,” said bpost, “the decision-making process is clearly not in line with the European ‘better regulation’ directives. The company is therefore examining this decision in detail and will take all possible legal steps to fight it.”

bpost maintains that the proposed price increase is “legally and economically justified” and also “reasonable, in light of, among other things,  inflation and the further expected fall in mail volumes”.

Hammering the point home, bpost said that its proposed prices “far below the maximum increase permitted by the legal price cap formula used to assess affordability” and also below the European average.

Although the stamp tariff increase was rejected, bpost increased its tariffs for other domestic postal products on 1 January this year. As a result, tariffs across all domestic mail products rose by around 1.5% on average for 2017.  
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