Breezemount uses Lytx AI driver monitoring

Leading UK and Ireland two-person delivery company Breezemount has agreed to use Lytx’s Driver Safety and Fleet Tracking Programme that uses machine vision (MV) and artificial intelligence (AI) to closely monitor its drivers’ driving behaviours.

Unlike most other dash cam based systems, Lytx’s platform can identify a number of driver behaviours even without a G-force trigger such as smoking, drowsiness, eating and other factors. The platform is designed to prevent accidents as opposed to just seeing exactly what happened after an event took place.

Managers at Breezemount are able to have continual monitoring of their drivers and can review up to 200 hours of video footage in real-time to watch an incident in greater detail. The company has more than 70 vehicles and 150 drivers who complete more than half a million home deliveries every year.

“It’s been so much easier now we just have to review the footage that’s been triggered,” said Richard Clarke, Fleet Engineering & Compliance Manager at Breezemount. “I’ve used systems with other providers where the only thing we knew was that something had happened at some point in the afternoon. I could sit there, trawling through footage for hours before I found the relevant clip.”

Clarke added, “We have managers at different sites who are very busy focusing on the day-to-day. They don’t have time to go through several different pages of a report to find what they need. With Lytx, everything is configured based on our exact needs. You click once and everything you need is there. It’s also helped to speed things up. With the new system, we can access video footage ourselves, on the same day.”

“Lytx’s technology has provided video evidence to help exonerate drivers in the event of false claims and has helped lower our insurance rates,” explained Clarke. “Video also helps in the event of client claims related to failed delivery, for example. With Lytx, our drivers can use the camera as their witness.”