Brenger brings operations into Germany

Dutch sustainable scale-up company Brenger has announced it has begun operations across western Germany. It expects to do 5,000 deliveries in Germany in the coming year.

Founded in 2016, Brenger uses left over space in delivery trucks with other carriers for more sustainable deliveries. It currently works with 1000 partner carriers in Belgium and the Netherlands to deliver customer-to-customer deliveries and for furniture stores.

The move into Germany follows a pilot in North Rhine-Westphalia last year. As of this week it has expanded into all western regions of the country, from Hannover to Stuttgart. Brenger aims to distinguish itself with up to date and transparent couriers and customers while showing the amount of CO2 saved per delivery.

“There is huge growth potential for us in the German market”, CEO and co-founder Derk van der Have says. “It starts with bringing together the supply and demand for sustainable delivery of large products. That means the German couriers and trucks that are already on the road.”

Brenger say that there are half a million independent couriers in Germany who perform 180 million deliveries a year between them. As such the figure of 5,000 planned deliveries is quite modest.

The company has plans to expand beyond Germany in the mid-term too, van der Have says: “This is an important milestone for us and a first step towards further international expansion.” Brenger aims for 3,6 million transports in Europe by 2025.

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