Brenger sees 200% uptick in volumes since 2021

Dutch delivery consolidator Brenger has seen a 200% uptick in business since 2021, thanks to increased consumer demand for low-emissions deliveries.

Founded in 2016, Brenger works with a number of couriers to reduce the amount of deliveries they make by ensuring full loads throughout the parcel delivery journey, reducing CO2 emissions per parcel. The 200% growth in volumes has been for bulky items such as furniture, industrial goods and bicycles being delivered and returned to retailers.

Brenger has also seen a growth in demand from retailers that lack the time, money or staff to run their own deliveries. In addition, some retailers have found that by running their own operations, they have a greater amount of damaged goods.

Andrew from wall panel shop Akupanel confirms this: “With other transport services, the concept is always the same: orders are collected, driven to distribution centres, divided into vans and transported for delivery to the customers. This is possible with Brenger. We can proceed up to 150 orders in one day.”

Sustainable deliveries are important in the mind of the customer. As well as encouraging the use of electric vehicles, Brenger’s system can also add loads to other middle- and final-mile routes, further saving on CO2 emissions per parcel. It also measures transport emissions, and in the Netherlands it has already saved on some 1,149,784kg of CO2 on 2021.

“Retailers and auction houses are finding us in increasing numbers, and we are very happy with that. It confirms to us that these businesses cannot stay behind to meet consumer expectations,” according to the founder and CFO of Brenger, Wisse Koedam.