Brexit could hamper food supply chains, says RHA

The Road Haulage Association (RHA) claims that Brexit could seriously harm the supply chain due to customs barriers. It claims that food supplies could be impacted as trucks could face unnecessary delay in ports, unless the right customs controls are negotiated.

The RHA fears big lorry queues at ports, with staff without enough experience while “fresh food supplies rot,” following Brexit.

“Nearly 30 per cent of all food consumed in the UK comes from the EU and it all arrives in lorries,” said Richard Burnett, RHA chief executive. “At the moment, the process is seamless –  it’s as easy to deliver from Milan to Manchester as it is from Manchester to Leeds as far as customs processes are concerned.

“After Brexit, that will no longer be the case, and we have to get the new processes right. Otherwise the system for getting food into the country could grind to a halt.”

“There are nearly 4.5 million journeys between the UK and Europe each year that are HMRC-free at the moment. These trucks carry jobs, components, products – and 30 per cent of our food.”

The UK has long relied on imports for food and poor negotiations on customs in this regard could result in far worse than the ‘lettuce crisis’ currently being reported in the media…

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