Bricks and mortar still important for online retailers

Even as MPs suggest taxing online retailers to keep High Streets afloat, a Royal Mail study has shown that 60% of online retailers are considering new sales channels in 2019, one of the biggest being ‘bricks and mortar’ shops.

Some 41% of those surveyed in the Royal Mail research wanted additional bricks and mortar space. 39% were planning additional marketplace channels and 27% were looking at exhibitions and trade fairs.

Forty-seven per cent of retailers want both a bricks and mortar store as well as an online shop. For those already in bricks and mortar, 80% sell in their own stores while 33% sell in another retailer’s stores.

“Entrepreneurial UK SME online retailers are increasingly turning to online marketplaces to sell their products. The rise of online marketplaces is impacting the way consumers shop online and how retailers sell to their customers, but the physical store still has a role to play,” said a Royal Mail spokesperson.

“As the e-commerce sector becomes increasingly global, UK SME online retailers should look at opportunities to expand the international side of their business. At Royal Mail, we already support many retail businesses in their overseas expansion, and we look forward to working with even more of them in the future”.

One area not covered by the Royal Mail study but which we think is important is the role that physical stores play in supporting a same day delivery capability


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