BrightDrop about to deliver first EV vans to FedEx

General Motors’ EV delivery van makers BrightDrop has completed the first production run of its EV600 van, many of which are to be delivered to FedEx. The automaker is to add a second van, the EV410 to its lineup too.

FedEx is to receive the first of the 500 BrightDrop EV600s it has ordered by the end of the year. The GM owned firm has received another order – this time for 12,600 such vans – by Merchants Fleet.

BrightDrop is about to launch another van – the EV410 – which has more than 400 cubic feet of cargo space and a range of around 250 miles. Telecoms giant Verizon has placed an order for these, but neither GM or Verizon have released details of the order size or terms of the agreement.

The US EV maker estimates that owning an EV600 can save the average owner $7,000 annually over using an internal combustion engined vehicle.

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