Bringg offers Paack delivery

Logistics delivery platform providers Bringg has partnered with delivery solution providers Paack, allowing customers to receive their goods at their convenience.

Bringg customers will be able to fulfil same-day and next-day scheduled deliveries. The system allows for constant evaluation of fleet performance. Bringg’s customers are in e-commerce, retail and grocery and will be able to use Paack’s regular services.

Paack also offers Paack Thermo, for perishable goods, that offers thermosensitive hot food delivery.

The Brinng/Paack service is to be offered in Spain and Portugal initially but later in major cities including Paris, New York and London.

“A perfect delivery experience isn’t a luxury anymore, it’s an absolute necessity to keep customers happy and win market share” said Bringg CEO Guy Bloch. “We’re constantly seeking to expand our delivery partner footprint and flexibility to ensure a perfect delivery experience, and partnering with Paack is yet another step to ensure that.”

“Partnering with Bringg was an easy decision. It’s a big opportunity for us to solve enterprises’ delivery challenges and we look forward to ensuring a flawless customer experience for Bringg customers in both the U.S. and Europe” said Xavier Rosales, Co-founder of Paack.


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