Brisqq – Londoners have high delivery expectations

Eighty nine percent of Londoners claim that delivery providers have an influence over their decision to buy from a particular retailer, according to research from the urban logistics specialist Brisqq.

In addition, 67% of those surveyed said that the time slots they are given are too vague, while 31% considered that the delivery options that they are offered aren’t flexible enough to fit their lifestyles.

According to Brisqq, this is because Londoners have high delivery expectatiohns. Among the 1000 respondents of the survey, 54% of them had a “minimum expectation” that retailers should offer deliveries that are within an hour of a requested, time, date and location; and 16% expected retailers to offer deliveries at an exact time of the customer’s choice.

Ninety-six percent of those surveyed said that providing delivery at a specific time slot will determine who they will shop with.

Commenting on the results, Andrew Mukerjee, co-founder and CEO, Brisqq, said: “In the current retail climate, bricks and mortar stores need to provide more choice and flexibility if they want to remain relevant. The research highlights the growing demand for fast and flexible deliveries, likely because of the choice and convenience offered by e-commerce giants such as Amazon. This is often neglected when it comes to offline retail.”

Inaccurate tracking systems frustrate customers. 79% of the Brisqq respondents said that traditional delivery tracking is far from accurate.

“Retailers should consider the latest logistics technologies to meet shoppers’ growing demand for flexible but accurate delivery,” said Mukerjee.

“By using disruptive delivery technologies paired with crowdsourcing freelance ‘couriers’, retailers can begin to match shoppers’ expectations for deliveries that are within an hour of their requested time, date and location. With over 60% of Londoners now using on-demand logistics services such as Deliveroo, Uber and Amazon Prime at least once a month, there is huge potential for the bricks and mortar retailers to win back customers if they get their delivery offering right.”
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