British Mall launched by

One of China’s largest online marketplaces, has announced the launch of a channel called British Mail, that will enable Chinese consumers to buy UK brands. Brands that will be sold on the channel include Liverpool FC, SMA and Cow & Gate, as well as a number of others.

British Mail was launched on the 29th June at an event in London, where executives were joined by representatives from tencent, Santander Group and Zitra.

“British Mall will be the shop window in China for the best of British products,” said Tony Qiu, General Manager of Worldwide. “UK brands and retailers have a massive opportunity to tap into this market, and with British Mall, we aim to give them the platform and tools they need to reach millions of Chinese consumers.”

UK brands have a very good reputation globally, with their history and reputation for quality. Those companies that can tap into the Chinese market can take advantage of an aggressively expanding economy and a fast growing middle class.

Royal Mail has recently started working with Alibaba on a similar project that will give UK brands exposure in China. That has launched a similar offering suggests strong demand from the Chinese market for our goods.

With such interest from other markets, there was at least one fact presented by the Leave campaign – UK PLC trades with the world anyway, and not just our nearby political and economic bloc. The Far East and Middle East are certainly targets for those wishing to export.