Brizebox parcel box – a solution to being out?

A new range of parcel delivery boxes has been launched by the UK based startup company Brizebox.

The concept of the Brizebox is the brainchild of the founder Brian Wilcox. What makes it stand out from the crowd is that it has upper and lower drawers and compartments as well as a false bottom between them.

The delivery agent puts the parcel into the top drawer. When they close the box the parcel drops into the bottom drawer. The receiver of the parcel then releases the parcel from the bottom drawer using a smart code.

According to Willcox, the Brizebox “requires minimum courier intervention, keeps parcels totally secure and continues to receive parcels until full”.

The company is seeking to sell the parcel delivery boxes to online shoppers and to do this hopes to enlist support from e-tailers and delivery companies.

The Brizeboxes come in three sizes: compact (priced at £199); standard (£299); and large (£399).

The boxes are manufactured in China, and the company plans to despatch them to customers from distribution centres in Voerde in Germany and Los Angeles. Willcox said that the boxes are “available in the UK, Europe, USA and Canada with Australia and New Zealand to follow soon”.

For customers and delivery companies alike the problem of delivering parcels while the customer is away is problematic. Apex Insight reported last year how employers are uncomfortable with employees having their goods delivered to work as well, and finding solutions such as the Brizebox that are secure while getting the parcel to the customer is something that both ends of the supply chain think about. Could this be a solution?

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