BRT relaunches customer services operation

DPDgroup’s new Italy based acquisition, delivery company BRT, has relaunched its customer service operation across the country.

In recent years, Italy has seen the strongest growth in e-commerce in Europe with +8% first-time customers shopping online in 2021. Along with its merger with DPDgroup, BRT has extended its service offering from that when it was a family-owned business delivering goods across Italy. This includes its first Smart Urban Depot in Bologna, which aims to deliver goods within the urban area in a low-carbon way.

BRT will now offer the full range of DPDgroup services as customers receive across the rest of its operations including myBRT shops, a two hour delivery window for end customers and an app to help manage deliveries in-flight.

At the end of 2021 the Italian delivery company had delivered 227 million parcels using 22,000 staff serving 70,000 daily and had a turnover of €1.775 billion, a 14% increase on 2020.

“Our commitment is to follow each customer, taking care of every need and at every stage of the process with increasing attention and anticipating needs as much as possible,” commented Dalmazio Manti, CEO of BRT.

“We are able to transport any type of product, weight or volume to any part of Italy and well beyond the European borders, from the smallest village to the biggest cities, with a totally personalized service offered to all major business segments. The Industrial Plan stretching to 2025 will enrich this trajectory with new assets, further enhancing the widespread nature of our network, the digitization of processes, and the improvement of our customer experience, which will mean consolidating our B2B position and growing ever more strongly in B2C e-commerce.”

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