BT acquires Pelipod

UK telecoms giant BT has bought UK based parcel box company Pelipod.

Karl Wills, Managing Director of Pelipod, said of their buy out: “It is an exciting time for Pelipod, as we look forward to integrating our products into BT’s portfolio. By joining BT, we can expand our capabilities into supporting the customers and markets which BT serves and with access to additional R&D resources on top of my team’s existing capabilities we will look to develop our portfolio even further.

Pelipod is a parcel box solutions company. Instead of having goods delivered to the depot and having engineers travel back to the depot to collect essential items for their work, the components are instead sent to specific secure boxes closer to the neighbourhood where they are working. The idea is that this would significantly save on time moving back and forth to get the components they need and to increase productivity.

Wills continued, “Pelipod Ltd will continue to sell its solutions outside of BT, both in the UK and abroad.”

“Pelipod will join BT’s Wholesale and Ventures division and I am delighted to be joining their leadership team to oversee the continued growth of Pelipod.”

BT has been on an acquisitions spree recently and it seems that this now includes bringing its logistics operations in-house. This acquisition should significantly tackle the telecoms provider’s logistics costs by streamlining its internal operations. That Peripod will also continue trading with its other existing clients suggests that this will be another secondary income stream for BT.

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