BT announces Pelipod locker roll-out

BT has announced the roll out of its Pelipod smart delivery locker network. It is hoped that this will speed up the delivery of broadband and phone services by reducing the distance its engineers need to travel to collect equipment.

The roll out of the network is starting in the Midlands before going nationwide. The Pelipod lockers are to be put inside and within the grounds of the company’s strategic sites.

BT bought Pelipod in September. This is the first acquisition made by BT’s Wholesale and Ventures division since it was formed last April.

Pelipods are internet connected, centrally monitored secure delivery lockers that provide proof of delivery and collection. The company began developing them in 2013.

Initially BT will deploy ‘a few thousand’ of them over time. Accessed by unique codes associated with specific users, drivers and parcels, the Pelipod lockers will be used to deliver equipment and spare parts to engineers working on the broadband and phone network.

It is planned that the secure lockers will be put into 500 of BT’s sites across the UK, removing the need for engineers to travel long distances to collect equipment and supplies.

Using a secure, low power mobile connection, each Pelipod automatically notifies an engineer via SMS or email when their delivery or collection has taken place, as well as taking a photograph of the inside of the locker. By providing a clear audit trail of every delivery and collection, the solution also gives BT clear visibility of its inventory of stock.

Nicholas Hale, Managing Director of Ventures, said: “We currently provide supply chain services to BT Group businesses and a number of external customers. Pelipod will boost our existing supply chain offerings and provide us with a competitive edge through an innovative technology which takes advantage of the Internet of Things.”

As part of BT, Pelipod will continue to provide its services to its existing clients which includes those in the utilities, healthcare and heavy machinery sectors. It will also look to further expand its external customer base.

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