BT Fleet / AA – a green future

New research from BT Fleet and the AA has shown that more than 62% of UK fleet managers expect to increase their spending on EVs and hybrids in the next few years. 75% plan to increase their investment on fuel efficient technology.

BT Fleet and the AA published a report called the Operation Fleet Insight Report, that also found “The average proportion of diesel-fuelled vehicles was 65%, far higher than petrol (27%), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (4%) and fully electric vehicles (4%).”

Diesel is set to fall as a proportion of UK fleets according to the BT Fleet / AA report. 24% of fleet managers felt that the number of diesel powered vehicles in their fleets would fall. This is being prompted by local and national regulation and mounting public pressure for companies to make their vehicles as ‘green as possible’.

The Operation Fleet Insight Report also found that 59% of fleet managers planned to spend more on telematics. 86% had found telematics useful for their company, while 82% though that telematics would be fitted as standard on vehicles. The main use was to reduce unnecessary mileage, monitoring driver behaviour and fuel efficiency.

Autonomous vehicles is a buzzword among today’s fleet managers. The BT Fleet / AA report concluded, “Ultimately, autonomous technology is not an immediate concern for fleet managers, and is far down their list of priorities after the likes of telematics, making use of big data and alternative fuelling.”

Around 41% of fleet managers thought that autonomous vehicles will make up at least part of their fleet within the next ten years – and this may be the balanced view.  
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