Bubble Post cool cargo?

Perishable goods will soon be carried by Belgian delivery company Bubble Post’s new fleet of motorcycles. It unveiled the new electric bikes that feature an “actively cooled cargo space” for transporting perishable items.

Bubble Post sells its green credentials as part of its marketing. It was established in Ghent in 2013 and now operates in “all the major cities in Flanders”, and sells itself as a provider of “efficient and sustainable city deliveries”.

Bubble Post has an out of town warehouse just outside every city that it operates. Goods are delivered there by the company’s fleet of HGVs. The packages are sorted and bundles before being put aboard the company’s fleet of eco-friendly bikes, trikes, electric vans and CNG powered Sprinter vans that make the last mile journey into the city centre.

Until now, Bubble Post has had to use its CNG powered vans to deliver the goods, which have refrigerated units on board. The new cool cargo bikes can fulfil this requirement and reduce its carbon emissions still further as a result.

The company is already operating one cool cargo bike in Amsterdam, and has ordered another 20 bikes that will come into operation in the next 2-3 months. These are in addition to the 60 standard cargo bikes in its fleet at present.

With the very obvious increase in numbers of delivery vehicles in major cities across Europe as a result of e-commerce, a number of city governments are looking at pollution from such deliveries. Having a green alternative in the form of low or zero emissions vehicles will help deflect any direct action on the part of such authorities.