Buyk launched ultra-fast deliveries in New York City

Russian owned Buyk has launched its ultra-fast delivery offering in New York City.

The Russian retailer Samokat-owned delivery firm is offering deliveries within 15 minutes of ordering in most of Manhattan, a statement from the firm reveals.

Founded in 2018, Samokat has raised $46 million in venture capital funding to start its planned global expansion. Buyk is the first such move outside of Russia.

Buyk stated on LinkedIn, “Our mission is to give our customers back the one thing they often lose the most of: their time. We feel that time is truly valuable and shouldn’t be spent waiting in line to check out or spending hours a week running back and forth between different stores.

It adds: “Buyk is much more than a well-oiled genius of logistics; behind the curtain, a multimillion-dollar software system combines the buying experience with stock and delivery management, employing the latest programming approaches and marketing techniques. Coupled with artificial intelligence, our meticulously selected product assortment provides for the streamlined shopping experience, eliminating time-consuming browsing through the irrelevant items.”