Cainao improves capacity by 1000%

Alibaba’s Cainao Smart Logistics claims it has enhanced its parcel capacity by 10 times across 11 Asian countries.

Cainao’s Apollo logistics technology is behind the capacity increase and has an algorithm that leverages big data to optimise a range of objectives based on parcel location, destination, cost considerations and partner logistics efficiency.

The Apollo system was developed in-house by Cainao with more than 600 developers and engineers. According to the logistics giant it also improves delivery accuracy by 50% and a 10% average cost reduction in delivery.

Weicai Chen, project manager of Apollo, commented, “Southeast Asia is a dynamic market which is home to a large number of e-commerce and logistics firms, but its overall logistics user experience needs improvements in order to remain competitive and efficient. We are committed to digitizing the whole industry by upgrading its logistics technology and infrastructure with our local partners. With Apollo, we will be able to drive the integration of logistics capabilities with e-commerce strategy to cope with the e-commerce boom in the region.”