Cainao readies for Singles Day

Ahead of China’s Singles Day 11/11 global shopping festival, Alibaba owned Cainao Smart Logistics Network has announced it has improved its logistics technology to meet projected demand for delivery services.

Last year Cainao handled 812 million parcels in 2018’s Singles Day. Ahead of what is set be an even bigger day this year in terms of volumes, the delivery company has opened a new fully automated warehouse, expanded its Internet of Things (IoT) systems and extended its last-mile reach.

Cainiao vice president Ben Wang said that to meet growing demand the company needs to be ahead of the curve by upgrading systems and driving efficiencies into the network to help meet customer expectations.

“It was only five years ago that parcel orders surpassed 100 million for the first time. Back then it took nine days to deliver the first 100 million parcels,” said Wang. “Last year, it took less than three days (2.8 days) to deliver the same number of parcels. Consumers increasingly want faster, better delivery, so that’s what we’re doing. This year, we’re striving to achieve a new high, leveraging the beauty of scale and technology.”


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