Cainiao offers end-to-end container shipping package

In response to a global shipping container shortage, Alibaba’s Cainiao Smart Logistics Network has announced the launch of an end-to-end container booking and delivery service that will operate in more than 200 ports in 50 countries for air and sea freight.

Through Cainiao, it will be possible to book an end-to-end delivery of the container at a fee that will be 30-40% lower than the average market rate. This will include most international container terminals in China.

For delayed bookings or deliveries there will also be compensation payments (20% for delayed sea freight or 50% of the fee for delayed air freight).

“In the face of the current global container shortage and surging shipping prices, Cainiao is committed to leveraging our technology and logistics ecosystem to provide a one-stop port-to-port shipping solution for exporters and importers. By working closely with airlines and cargo companies, we aim to safeguard the entire cross-border line haul network and instill greater stability into sea and air freight shipping.” says James Zhao, General Manager of Cainiao Global Supply Chain.

The global shipping container shortage stems from high demand for exports from China coupled with delays in containers returning to China thanks to pandemic-induced staff shortages in consumer market ports such as those in the US and EU. This is impacting global trade as around 60% of goods cargo is by shipping container.