Calls for a London freight commissioner

The London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) has called on the Mayor of London to appoint a ‘freight commissioner’ to enable the city to have a world-class logistics environment.

With London’s population set to grow from the current 8.6 million to as many as 10 million by 2030, this is going to put a major strain on existing transport infrastructure. Public transport and freight delivery need to be assessed by the Mayor’s Office.

The LCCI feel that a freight commissioner would enable the London Mayor’s Office to help develop a world class freight and logistics environment within the mayor’s transport strategy.

Natalie Chapman, deputy chair of LCCI’s Transport Committee, and head of policy for London at the Freight Transport Association said: “People living in and visiting London expect to be able to buy their morning coffee, visit the shops and find everything they want in stock and also have a wide restaurant choice if they go out for an evening.

“This doesn’t just magically happen. Shops and restaurants have to be supplied and stocked and that means freight and logistics have to be properly co-ordinated.”

There has been competition between freight and logistics firms and residential developers for land inside the M25. For people to live in the growing capital, they need supplies. The London Mayor’s Office is largely focused on transport and the freight commissioner would give the sector a voice where currently it has virtually none.

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