Canada Post and Purolator add seasonal staff

Canada Post is bringing on 4,200 seasonal staff to help meet the coming peak season demand, while major Canadian parcel carriers Purolator have announced they are taking on 2,400 staff. Recruitment of those numbers is by no means guaranteed.

As well as the staff, Canada Post is taking on an additional 1,400 vehicles and 2,000 parking spaces. The postal operator is to be using new sortation capacity to help with the peak season spike that begins around now and will run on until early January.

“For perspective, during the two weeks ending on Christmas Eve in 2020, our employees delivered nearly 20 million parcels to Canadians — including a record 2.4 million parcels on December 21 alone,” said Canada Post spokesperson Valérie Chartrand.

One of Canada Post’s main rivals in the parcels market, Purolator has said that it is taking on 2,400 seasonal staff at the same time. The carrier expects to handle 54 million packages in November and December, 10% up on last year and a record volume for the firm.

“It’s a big number to process,” John Ferguson, Purolator’s president and chief executive, told the Canadian Press.

“There’s an unprecedented volume for us and that’s after we’ve been through quite a bit over the last few years through the pandemic.”

Though both carriers want to hire these staff, there is also the problem of a lack of drivers and logistics workers in Canada already. Those after seasonal work will command higher pay, and it could be a case where neither company can take on as many staff as they would like simply because there aren’t enough people interested in working in logistics in the country. This is a North America-wide issue and matches similar problems in the UK and EU.

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