Canada Post – community mailboxes again?

A new report into Canada Post has shown that Canadians are willing to accept a reduction in the frequency of postal deliveries and many support a move toward community mailboxes in urban areas.

The Canadian government has initiated the review to help Canada Post to reposition its operations and services in a world where letter mail is in sharp decline.

Patterson Langlois Consultants did the report on behalf of the Public Works and Government Services Canada to gauge the Canadian public’s viewpoint on the issue.

The report’s executive summary noted: “Our study shows that Canadians are clearly prepared to accept reductions in the frequency of delivery, with some 73% endorsing a change to alternate day delivery, support for which increases among those with higher income and education levels, but does not vary by service delivery or rural/urban divides.

“Additionally, some 67% support a move to community mail boxes for everyone in urban and suburban areas, with higher support among rural dwellers (74%), 18-34-year-old Canadians (76%), and those Canadians with Internet access (68%). We also see predictably lower but still strong support among those who currently get door-to-door service (50%) for this measure. This support also logically extends to reductions in the speed of delivery (65% overall).

“Provisos to this prescription come in the form of strong opposition to cuts in pay (66% oppose), level of employment (60% oppose) and increases in the price of stamps (65% oppose).”

As previously reported, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) has been vehemently opposed to Canada Post’s plans to switch from door-to-door to community mail boxes.

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