Canada Post introduces Smartmail targeting solution

As part of its direct mail marketing business, Canada Post has introduced a new Smartmail Marketing solution that the postal operator says will allow marketers to target potential customers at a postal code level by combining existing customer knowledge with the address level data it has.

“Postal Code Targeting is a leading-edge, customer-focused solution that gives marketers the level of precision they have been asking for,” said Doug Ettinger, Chief Commercial Officer, Canada Post.

“By leveraging our own creation – the postal code – Canada Post is helping marketers make the most of their budgets as they drive customer acquisition.”

According to Canada Post: “This level of data-driven targeting empowers marketers to connect with their most receptive audiences, leveraging their own data or selecting the mailing’s postal codes by demographic criteria such as income, education, age, location, family composition, interests or lifestyle, and even based on online shopping behaviours.”

Direct mail marketing has long been recognised as one of the most effective forms of all. Where people click past spam emails and ignore many other marketing attempts, they tend to open personally addressed mail and pay more attention to it than they do other forms. For postal operators including Canada Post direct mail marketing is a saviour in the face of falling letter mail volumes, and improved targeting of customers should improve marketers’ hit rates even more. Watch this space to see how other national postal operators follow, chasing a very effective and lucrative line that is core to their business models.  
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