Canada Post – national poll on radical changes to universal service

New Canadian federal minister for Canada Post Filomena Tassi has run a national poll with Canadian citizens regarding a number of radical changes to the postal operator.

Some of the changes include closing some post offices, delivering mail to community mailboxes instead of people’s homes and cutting mail delivery to three days a week.

It is worth noting that the community mailbox idea was nearly rolled out a few years ago but after a public campaign against it, it was reversed.

The poll was run in December, shortly after Tassi was appointed and also after Canada Post had published its accounts, showing a loss of CAD $264m (£154 million) in the third quarter.

The main union for Canada Post, the CUPW responded angrily, saying that it had not been consulted prior to the poll.

“We’re really concerned and disappointed the government is actually taking a poll right now about reducing postal services when the public is actually asking them to have more services, not less,” said Jan Simpson, president of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW).

“Postal workers have been working throughout the entire pandemic and for them to have this poll currently is very insulting to us.”

Not having been informed of the national poll, the CUPW had been running a similar survey of Canadian citizens.

The survey found there was widespread support for cutting delivery days to three days a week but not for cutting rural post offices. A plurality were happy to have community mailboxes.

Canada Post was approached for a response on the matter yet said the Privy Council Office was responsible for the poll not the management of the postal operator.

When confronted, James Fitz-Morris, Tassi’s communication’s director said by email, “The questions asked do not constitute an indication of future direction or policies,

“To better inform discussions and future work concerning this crucial Crown Corporation, our office requested public opinion research on basic questions to gain a better understanding of Canadians’ views of and relationship with Canada Post.”

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