Canada Post – record parcel volumes in 2020

Canada Post handled over a million parcels a day from mid-April as the pandemic kicked off an online shopping boom both among consumers and as small and medium enterprises reacted to the uptick in demand. This compares with 2017 where the postal operator handled a million or more on just 67 days of the year.

Through those 181 consecutive days Canada Post hit a record volume of 2.4 million parcels delivered in one day – on 21 December. Small businesses were a significant contributor to this volume growth as their parcel volumes to customers grew by 50%. This impacted business at Canada’s post office network which saw volume increases of 45%.

Smoothing out parcel volumes from larger businesses helped with its capacity to manage overall volumes. In a statement Canada Post said, “It’s important to note that we worked closely with many of our large customers to limit the amount we could deliver to help manage demand through the holiday peak season.”

The postal operator concluded, “Based on industry analysis and internal numbers, Canada Post believes Canadian retail e-commerce sales grew by 54 percent in 2020 to $62.9 billion and will reach almost $80 billion by 2023.”