Carrefour to launch ultra-fast delivery service

French hypermarket chain Carrefour is launching an ultra-fast delivery service where goods will be delivered in under 15 minutes.

The chain is to start with a thousand lines that they will deliver within 15 minutes of the order being made.

The design of the service – and even branding – is far from clear though. While Carrefour wishes to brand the service ‘Carrouf’ it has launched a customer survey where customers can side with one name or another. The firm uses the brand Carrefour Sprint in its within-3-hour delivery service in Poland, but is also willing to choose ‘Carrefour Now’ as an option.

The move is being matched by rivals Auchan in a pilot in Bordeaux. Industry observers point to the delivery service being tested thanks to worries by the major players over losing market share as the likes of Gorillas and Deliveroo offer ultra-fast delivery out of their own dark store fulfilment centres as opposed to working with supermarkets.

Currently there are around 10 same-day grocery delivery firms operating in France and nearby Belgium. Though there is likely to be a rationalisation of the industry as the weaker either go under or get bought out, these businesses are a major perceived threat to the oligopoly of existing grocery players. It will be interesting to see how things pan out in the coming year.

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