CEVA and Goodpack launch Tyrecube

CEVA Logistics and Goodpack have announced they have developed the Tyrecube tyre container system. This is an intelligent, returnable container for tyres with data acquisition and track & trace capabilities.

Patented by the two companies, the Tyrecube is a collapsible, stackable container that provides a method of moving tyres around the world.

Until now, those moving tyres have had to do it largely manually with very little automation in the process and poor traceability of the goods as they are moved. The Tyrecube transport and storage module gets around these issues by avoiding loose loading and also provides better protection for the tyres on the move. The system is said to work with 90% of all tyre types.

Xavier Urbain, CEVA’s chief executive, said: “We believe that by working in close collaboration with Goodpack, we can develop Tyrecube into the world’s best global solution for the storage and movement of tyres.”