Chanje to build BEV medium trucks at mass scale

Chanje, the startup CA based electric truck manufacturer, has announced it is to start building a commercial battery electric vehicle (BEV) at ‘mass scale’ in the US market later this year.

Chanje released a statement late last week that said its new vehicle will be “the only one of its kind designed from the ground up as an EV and purpose-built to be a long-life truck”.

Company CEO Bryan Hansel announced an executive team for Chanje whose members include:

Ian Gardner, President – previously The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Duke Energy, Los Angeles Clean Tech Incubator and others Joerg Sommer, Chief Operating Officer – previously SVP at Volkswagen, Daimler, Renault and others James Chen, VP and General Counsel – previously VP at Tesla Jeff Robinson, VP of Manufacturing – previously Tesla, Ford, Mazda, General Motors and others Suresh Jayanthi, VP of Energy Services – previously Schneider Electric and others. Chanje said that it is focusing on the “medium-duty vehicle segment work” (which includes parcel delivery trucks) and it is looking to work with “large fleet customers to provide renewable energy and charging capabilities as a turnkey service”.

Chanje’s CEO commented: “The future of transportation is zero-emission, we expect commercial electric vehicles to become the norm soon. There is a tremendous opportunity for Chanje because no one else in the marketplace can meet a fleet customer’s demand for delivery of large numbers of high quality, commercial electric vehicles.”

Hansel continued: “We have an opportunity to meaningfully overhaul the last mile industry and completely revolutionize how that facet of transportation impacts the environment.

“Medium duty electric trucks offer the biggest emissions saving potential of all vehicles because our products fit best where they are needed the most – in highly populated, dense urban centers where noise and air quality are a major concern.”
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