Chaucer sees no problems in post-Brexit border

Chaucer, the world’s largest furniture logistics company, has released a statement suggesting that where the paperwork is prepared correctly there are no problems with the UK – EU border.

According to Chaucer, contrary to the impression given in the media, most cross-Channel truck movements have run smoothly thanks to the industry being generally well prepared for Brexit.

In the first eight days after the UK left the EU, Chaucer completed almost 100 truck movements between the EU and UK with no holdups thanks to the paperwork being in order before the trucks left or arrived at its main depot I Rainham, Essex.

“We appointed a ‘Brexit Buddy’ in December 2018 to ensure that we were ready for any changes,” said Scott Dunn, Chaucer Logistics Chief Executive. “We knew that even if there was a trade deal that there would still need to be customs checks and other documentation in place.”

“Our Brexit Buddy discussed all the various possibilities in advance with our customers and put everything into place and as a result we have not experienced any hold ups and do not expect there to be major problems in the future.”

While we note that overall road freight volumes between the UK and EU are reported to be down by around a quarter, the company gives the impression that the logistics companies that fell foul of the new regime were the ones that didn’t believe that there would be much change to the process. In furniture logistics at least, there has only been a minor dip in trade between the EU and UK due to the pandemic and Brexit.