China consults on express delivery

Perhaps surprisingly for a one party regime like China, the Premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China Li Keqiang has instructed government departments to consult public opinion on the draft regulations that are being developed for the express delivery sector.

“We should not only consider the opinions of administrative authority, but also the views of all delivery companies. More importantly, the courier industry has been closely linked with people’s lives, thus their opinions should be heard,” Premier Li was quoted as saying in an article posted on (the official English-language website that the Chinese government produces for the international community).

Speaking of express delivery, Keqiang added: “When the courier industry just emerged several years ago, it was not allowed to be developed in some cities, attributing to its possible negative impact on a city’s outlook. But we believe that, supervision should be conducted in an inclusive yet prudent way, rather than stifle new things at the initial period.”

While China is a one party state, there is an element of democracy and consultation to ensure things run smoothly there. The express delivery sector is a case in point, with regulations necessary to overcome edicts of local Party officials. These efforts should open up e-commerce in China, as well as the B2B delivery market and may well enable the Chinese dragon to awake to e-commerce as Europe and the US have.
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