China Post and Huawei do digital deal

China Post and Chinese electronics giant Huawei have signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

The two companies have established a comprehensive strategic cooperation partnership, agreeing to deepen cooperation and pursue mutual development in finance, technological innovation, express logistics and talent cultivation.

The deal between Huawei and China Post includes smart logistics, cloud computing and big data. The aim of the agreement is to boost the use of ICT in China Post’s financial, delivery and postal business, and accelerate China Post’s ICT digital transformation.

China Post and Huawei will jointly establish a laboratory for new technology application “China Post·Huawei New Technology Application Lab”, while the Postal Savings Bank of China, affiliated to China Post, will collaborate with Huawei to build an innovation centre “Post Savings Bank·Huawei Joint Innovation Centre”.

A statement released by China Post said: “The fourth industrial revolution has quietly arrived. Faced with the current new historical opportunities and challenges, the two sides will rely on the “joint innovation mechanism” to further deepen all-round cooperation and jointly march towards the successful road of digital transformation.”

Until now they have cooperated in finance, logistics and talent training.

China Post said: “The strong cooperation between the two sides to carry out cooperation in a higher level, deeper level and wider scope will help to consolidate their respective competitive advantages and industry status, and bring customers an updated experience, higher value and better service.”


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