China Post rolls out autonomous deliveries

China Post and partners Deppon Express have begun the roll out of commercial autonomous delivery services using self-driving vehicles.

The self-driving vehicles are to use FABU Technology autonomous driving technologies.“We are very excited that FABU technology is at the heart of the first autonomous delivery trucks in China,” said Xiaofei He, founder and CEO of FABU. “China Post and Deppon have also been very pleased with the performance of FABU self-driving technology in their trucks and plan on expanding their autonomous delivery services to 100 routes in the near future.”

Online shopping growth and a driver shortage have driven demand for self-driving vehicles, which should also make cost savings in the longer term. China Post and Deppon believe that their investment in the technology will be recouped within a year.

The Level 4 autonomous vehicles have been tested by China Post and Deppon Express have been tested in Zhejiang Province since November 2018. At this level of autonomy a driver is still required to monitor the vehicle but it can handle most situations.

In total, during the testing period autonomous trucks operated by FABU technology successfully drove over 2,200 miles and delivered over 60,000 parcels during China’s peak shopping season, which includes Singles’ Day, Christmas and Chinese New Year.


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