China State Post Bureau: 400,000 temporary hires for Single’s Day

The Chinese State Post Bureau says that China’s delivery companies have taken on close to 400,000 extra staff ahead of the 11/11 Single’s Day global shopping festival.

Across the country, the State Post Bureau expects delivery companies to handle in the region of 2.8 billion parcels during the Singles Day rush between 11 November and 18 November.

Couriers are expected to deliver around 350 million parcels a day – more than double the normal workload for the sector. Thanks to a driver shortage there have been increases in drivers’ wages that run against a general push to squeeze margins as delivery companies compete for business. The State Post Bureau warns that these price wars could cause certain companies problems.

As well as the temporary hires, the industry has been investing heavily in new sortation, parcel handling and delivery systems to handle peak demand.


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