China State Post Bureau – parcel volumes up 23.7%

The China State Post Bureau has released figures showing that the country’s delivery companies saw growth of 23.7% year on year to 2019.

In September alone, the State Post Bureau estimated that 5.69 billion parcels were sent in the country, up 27% from the same month in 2018 and equals the amount of parcels delivered in the whole of 2012.

The bureau expects similar growth for October. All of this is ahead of the coming peak season that affects China as much as the rest of the world thanks to Singles Day in November and the Chinese New Year that falls around the same time as that in the West. Online sales promotions are set to accelerate hard this year.

The China State Post Bureau’s index measures data from the country’s biggest logistics companies that operate final mile delivery and is a good measure for the state of health of the sector.


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