China’s Hanergy launches solar powered delivery vehicles

Chinese delivery vehicle manufacturer Hanergy has announced the launch of its solar powered express delivery cars, Solar Runner #1. These have been delivered to major delivery companies STO Express and ZJS Express.

The Solar Runner #1 system has 320 watts of solar panels that is some of the most efficient and lightweight solar thin film on the market. This is coupled with a low-temperature resistant lithium battery that is compatible with the solar power system. The vehicle manufacturer claims that the system works even in very cold weather.

Hanergy claim that this new solar power system increases the efficiency of electric vehicles and allows a 50% extended range, thereby reducing time on centralised charging stations.

Lu Tao, CEO of Hanergy Glory Solar Technology said, “We’re on a mission to improve China’s express delivery industry by bringing to an effective use our advanced thin film power technology. We’re committed to design innovative solar express delivery car solution that is cordless charging via solar power. We hope our contribution is directed towards creating a true green express delivery industry.”

“In the future, we hope to bring more mobile energy solutions to various industries,” Lu added.

As with all solar projects such systems depend on one major variable – whether the sun shines. This means in lower latitudes it can be extremely efficient yet in more northern climes it will be a lot less so. China’s infamous city smogs don’t help much either…