Chinese postal industry sees almost 25% revenue growth

The Chinese government says that the country’s postal industry has seen a 24.3% growth in revenues as against the same period of 2020.

Combined revenue across the Chinese postal industry grew to 502.24 billion yuan (£56.1 billion) according to the State Post Bureau. In May 2021, the sector took 105.19 billion yuan (£11.75bn), a 10% increase on 2020.

Volume growth was very strong too between January and May, with its parcel delivery companies handling 39.65 billion parcels, or a 50.1% growth. Revenues for all the carriers grew by 29.7% compared to 2020, hitting 392.58 billion yuan (£43.84bn).

This reflects a general trend across the globe of e-commerce benefitting from the pandemic. China being a manufacturing market with sellers reaching out directly to Western markets, as well as the country’s own fast-growing middle class, it is the country that seems to be benefitting most from this boom.