Christine Holgate to be CEO of Australia Post

Christine Holgate is to be Australia Post’s next Managing Director and CEO. She’s to succeed Ahmed Fahour who is to step down next month after 7.5 years in office.

Holgate is to start her position in mid to late October, according to a statement from Australia Post.

Holgate was CEO of Blackmores for the last nine years, and previously held executive roles at Telstra, JP Morgan and Cable & Wireless.

Chairman John Stanhope said of the appointment: “Over the past seven years we have transformed Australia Post into Australia’s leading Parcels and eCommerce company and introduced critical reforms to the letters service. With Post now entering a new stage in our transformation, it’s the perfect time for Christine to take the helm.”

Stanhope added that Holgate’s knowledge of global eCommerce will be “invaluable” as the company builds on its  “Asian Strategy”, which focuses on “offering logistics support to Australian businesses that are either selling in Asia, or sourcing their products there”.

In their statement, Australia Post said: “Holgate’s remuneration has been set at $1.375 million fixed annual total remuneration and the potential to earn incentive payments of up to $1.375 million, in accordance with the parameters set by the Commonwealth Remuneration Tribunal.”

The remuneration package offered to Fahour became the topic of some debate in Australia, with a lot of negative publicity given before he announced his intention to step down from the role.  
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