CIHT celebrates International Women’s Day

The Chartered Institution of Highways and Transport (CIHT) celebrated the role of women in highways, transport and infrastructure on International Women’s Day.

The organisation has been at the forefront of advocating for greater equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) across the sector it represents. It has recently launched an EDI strategy that seeks to use the CIHT’s position within the sector to influence change.

At the same time the CIHT has a Diversity and Inclusion Charter whose signatories believe that a commitment to diversity and inclusion is essential to reflect the communities it serves. In the coming CIHT Awards 2022 the industry body will introduce a new EDI Initiative of the Year award, further influencing EDI initiatives in transport, highways and infrastructure organisations.

Sue Percy CBE, Chief Executive, CIHT said: “Each year CIHT celebrates International Women’s Day and we shine a light on the fabulous women who work in the transport infrastructure and planning profession. There is progress being made towards gender equality but we must never be complacent as we know bias and discrimination still exists. So it’s important that we – both men and women – empower and celebrate women’s success and use IWD to come together to make women’s equality a reality.”

In its own structure, the CIHT is taking a moral lead on the matter, with female CEO and President as well as four women on the Board of Trustees and five Regional Chairs. CIHT’s President Deborah Sims shared her thoughts on International Women’s Day: “International women’s day is an opportunity to focus on the contribution women make, both at home, and in the workplace. Women are an essential part of the workforce contributing to the economic health of most countries around the world. Women can experience very different attitudes and behaviours from men on occasions, and there still exists significant bias against women in some roles and professions. Women often have to work much harder to gain respect and seniority and are confronted by outdated attitudes and language on a daily basis, and sometimes more serious instances of harassment, discrimination, and sexual violence. International Women’s Day is an opportunity for women to stand up for and demand equality and fairness. And, just as importantly, for men to make their voices heard in defending equality diversity and inclusion in their own workplaces and professions. CIHT has long stood for equality for all our members and indeed the wider transportation sector, and I would encourage you to pause today to think about how you can make equality a reality for all your work mates, and to fight against discrimination and bias wherever you identify it.”

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