Cirillo takes up CEO post at Swiss Post

The new CEO of Swiss Post Roberto Cirillo took up his post this week, as the company faces dropping mail volumes and profit warnings from PostFinance and PostBus in the last year.

Cirillo takes over the role from Ulrich Humi who was the interim CEO of the postal operator since last summer.

At a press conference earlier this week Cirillo said he wants to  intensify dialogue with policymakers and the owner. “I want to listen to all those who are prepared to work with us on the Swiss Post of the future.”

This is not a question of tackling specific challenges, such as that of PostFinance or the decline in over-the-counter transactions individually. He wants to understand Swiss Post’s DNA and then develop the strategy for the coming years.

A holistic view of Swiss Post will be taken: “We need to look at the overall picture.” Now is the time to gain a full view of the range of services and financing of the universal service of the future. “I believe in a strong and self-financing universal service. I believe in a Swiss Post that creates equal opportunities, helping to ensure that all Swiss citizens have the same chances in life.”

“I am delighted to join Swiss Post,” says Cirillo. “It is a unique company that is firmly embedded in Swiss culture.” And that will remain the case in future. “I’m not just concerned about economic viability, but also how Swiss Post benefits society – for people in Switzerland,” adds Roberto Cirillo.

Swiss Post has already been named as the world’s best postal service on two occasions. “I want Switzerland to be proud of Swiss Post and its service- and customer-oriented approach. I want people to feel proud that Swiss Post is right here for everyone, now and, most of all, in the future.”


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