Citibox plans network of residential building parcel lockers

Supported by European Union money, parcel locker company Citibox is rolling out a network of carrier agnostic parcel lockers in blocks of flats across Europe and the UK.

“The platform connects all carriers with online shoppers through multi-user smart parcel-boxes installed inside residential buildings. Available to all carriers and e-retailers, the platform allows residents to receive their parcels at home, whether they are present or absent,” explained David Bernabeu, CEO of the Citibox company.

Carriers delivering to Citibox parcel lockers have a 100% first-time delivery rate, reducing time spent on delivery rounds and CO2 emissions associated with missed deliveries. “Double parking and delivery vans clogging up rush hour traffic will reduce in cities. Vans constitute only 7 % of road traffic; however, they account for 12 % of congestion costs and their miles travelled have increased by 56 % compared to 9 % for passenger cars,” added Bernabeu.

Looking to the future, Bernabeu noted: “And now we are ready to scale… Our plan is to install our boxes in two-thirds of the vertical buildings (buildings with more than 10 households) in [Madrid and Barcelona] during the period of 24 to 36 months. This way we will have a penetration above 50 %, meaning that more than 5 out 10 inhabitants of Madrid and Barcelona will receive all their parcels through Citibox”. The business plan aims to make Citibox present in 10 of the largest metropolitan areas in the UK and EU including London, Paris and Berlin.

Residential building parcel lockers have had some success in the past, though unlike those in public places, they aren’t used by as many customers and have lower returns per unit. The EU money may ease this weakness of the business plan.

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