Citizens Advice sheds light on poor deliveries

Citizens Advice have published some new research that shows that 69% of UK online shoppers have had parcels lost, damaged or that have turned up late in the last year.

The advice service have released a statement that says that other common delivery issues include parcels being dropped off in insecure locations such as bins. There are also ‘unnecessary failed deliveries’ where people have been in their homes waiting for parcels, only to see a ‘sorry we’ve missed you’ note dropped through the door.

The Citizens Advice report is called, ‘Parcel delivery: Delivery services in the online shopping market’, and draws on the responses from more than 2000 online shoppers in December 2016. The main findings include:

38% of people have had a parcel arrive late –  including more than one in ten (16%)  who paid for premium delivery service.

More than 1 in 10 have received damaged items.

More than 1 in 5 had a parcel go missing

28% had a parcel left in an unsecure location

28% were at home but had a note through the door saying the parcel couldn’t be delivered.

Most (54%) people say that they don’t take action such as complaining or asking for a refund if the parcel is late. 30% of those in receipt of a damaged parcel don’t take action. The Citizens Advice research found that half of consumers were unsure about who was responsible for the delivery of their parcel in the first place.

These Citizens Advice findings will be of interest to parcel delivery companies and e-retailers who may not otherwise appreciate that parcels are either late or damaged far more frequently than they may otherwise imagine.
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