Citroen Ami Cargo to be sold in the UK from 2022

Citroen’s Ami Cargo quadricycle is set for launch in the UK – an electric car that could be ideal for low emissions urban last mile deliveries.

Due to interest from now, 14,000 potential buyers in the UK, Citroen has announced plans to sell the passenger car version in the country from 2022, and has now added the Cargo version to the vehicles on offer here. It has a maximum speed of 28mph and a very basic cabin, and in France, people from aged 14 are allowed it (though in the UK you need to be 17 and have a full driving license).

The Ami Cargo has an 8bhp motor and a 5.5kWh battery that the French automaker claims will give a range of around 46 miles per charge. One of the weaknesses is it doesn’t have a fast-charging option but would still take around three hours to recharge it.

With up to 400 litres total cargo capacity, this tiny car can carry a lot of parcels – more than many smaller UK vehicles on the road today including the Toyota Yaris. The Ami Cargo differs from the standard Ami in that its passenger seat has been replaced with an extra cargo compartment. Its maximum payload excluding the driver is 140kg – more than enough for a typical inner city delivery run.

Unlike many larger electric vans, there will be no government subsidy on the price, but this is expected to be a very reasonable £6,000 on the road.