CitySprint finds government needs to steer businesses on sustainability

A survey from CitySprint suggests that more than half of small businesses believe that the government needs to do more in delivering ideas as to how they can reduce their carbon emissions and become more sustainable.

The CitySprint survey sound that 90% of those surveyed believe that sustainability is important, but only 53% have invested in making their businesses more sustainable. 52% of those surveyed feel that not enough is being done to link national government support with local government implementation of green initiatives across the UK.

Among the sustainability issues, 57% of businesses prioritised reducing and recycling waste. Some 46% use eco friendly office supplies, 39% sustainable materials for products (39 per cent) and using renewable energy resources (30 per cent) and low-emission vehicles (30 per cent).

CitySprint CEO Patrick Gallagher said: “One of the biggest barriers preventing the adoption of more sustainable processes is the lack of funding and government-led infrastructure to support them – something that we have also experienced as a business. We have learned that there’s strength in numbers, and SMEs should look to form partnerships with other businesses with areas of common interest who are committed to making a difference. This could be as straightforward as making greener choices in your supply chain, choosing partners and suppliers whose sustainability goals support your own.”