CitySprint greens fleet

Same-day delivery company CitySprint have announced they are testing the first hydrogen powered delivery van in the UK. It has also doubled its e-cargo bike fleet in London.

CitySprint said that this trial is part of its wider ambition to create a “completely emission-free fleet in the Capital by 2020”, aligning with Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) and the Mayor’s vision for cleaner air in London.

The new van has been supplied by Renault. It is to be tested on distribution work for its facilities management client Mitie over the next six months. While Mitie is testing the van on work with a number of its clients, CitySprint will assess the vehicle’s viability against its other zero emissions vehicles.

The CitySprint hydrogen powered van has a range of around 200 miles. It is powered by a battery and hydrogen fuel cell. Hydrogen combines with the air in a chamber to produce electricity and water, with the electricity charging a battery powered motor. The only ‘emissions’ are water.

In addition, CitySprint have announced that it has more than doubled its cargo e-bike fleet from 10-22 after a successful trial. These have a capacity of up to 50kg – that of a small van. Indeed, CitySprint can complete some jobs in London up to 50% more quickly than vans can. It is planning to use fleets in other major conurbations around the UK in the near future.

Patrick Gallagher, CitySprint Group CEO, commented: “Since the launch of our green fleet this August, we’ve already cut back on our CO2 emissions by as much as 10 tonnes. The trail of a hydrogen van is on a long list of environmentally friendly vehicles we have tested over the years. We hope that along with our growing cargo bike fleet, this can prove to be a sustainable option and continue our commitment to reducing air pollution across the UK cities we operate in.”

Richard Bartkow, Commercial and Supply Chain Director for Mitie’s Document Management business, added: “Not only is this hydrogen van new for Mitie, it’s a first for the courier services industry too. We continually look to new and emerging technologies as our business evolves and offering this service is just one of the many ways we can support both our developing client needs and ensure our courier services are environmentally sustainable.”