CitySprint uses Qlik data analytics

Same day distribution delivery company CitySprint, has announced it is now using the Qlik visual analytics platform to get a better understanding of its day to day business operations, while ensuring that its customers are receiving he best possible service. It has deployed the Qlik system through technology provider Data Technology to consolidate data from a number of different streams into one source.

CitySprint is one of the largest same day delivery companies in the UK, and uses a network of more than 3000 self employed couriers working into 40 wholly owned service centres. It also develops customised delivery solutions for clients that have specific distribution needs including fresh food delivery service Hello Fresh.

Up until it started using the Qlik service, CitySprint had to get thousands of reports in spreadsheets for its different business operations and those of individual customers. It could take weeks to generate the right analysis from this. The company’s focus being same day delivery, it needed a much faster way of collating and analysing that data.

Chris Yates, data and analytics manager at CitySprint explained, “As the leading same-day delivery company, our company culture is all about getting things done as quickly and efficiently as possible. We don’t have the luxury of waiting two or three weeks for reports, we need to be able to get back to our customers the same day.”

With Qlik up and running the company can now consolidate data from multiple systems and open up reporting to more of its business. CitySprint has created a single dashboard that includes figures on delivery performance as well as financial KPIs. Teams can now quickly drill into the data to get an overview of a specific client and view individual transactions and jobs very quickly.

Martin Poole, head of operations, London at CitySprint added, “I think Qlik speeds up access to a range of information that previously would have taken much longer to get to. It has been particularly useful with identifying specific accounts which may be dealt with across multiple service centers to measure service performance. Qlik has been one of the most valuable and user-friendly applications that we have deployed for some time.”

Qlik has also helped CitySprint to improve the quality of its data by spotting anomalies. Yates added, “Whereas we used to just accept numbers as a given, we’re now able to spot trends and variances in the delivery data. This helps us to gain a better understanding of customer behavior, which helps us to understand when and why anomalies are happening. For example, where a courier got held up or had to wait for an extended period time.”

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