Cleveron launches small-scale PUDO robot

Cleveron, the last mile delivery solutions technology company, has launched a new robotic pickup/drop-off (PUDO) solution for smaller stores called Cleveron 403.

Cleveron 403 is compact and affordable according to the company. The smallest version is just six square metres in size and has a capacity of up to 157 parcels. The PUDO solution can hand over a parcel to a customer in as little as 10 seconds.

CEO Arno Kütt says that the 403 system was created for smaller stores and logistics companies that don’t have the parcel flows to suit the larger robotics solutions Cleveron has developed.“Our parcel robots are used by the world’s largest retailers who need to hand out hundreds or thousands of online orders in one day,” Kütt explained.

“E-commerce is growing and smaller business and logistics companies also need to start automating their parcel-handling processes. However, they are not yet in a place where our larger solutions would be effective – there are not that many parcels a day or there simply isn’t enough room.

“Cleveron 403 is designed to effectively automate smaller parcel volumes, and it can be installed in small and narrow areas. And robotics-based technology makes the complete parcel handling process quick and convenient,” he added.


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