Clicktrans offers new mobile bidding app

To enable its courier clients to get more delivery jobs and do business while on the move, Clicktrans has launched a new mobile marketplace app for them to bid from.

Clicktrans has been in operation since 2010 and has connected more than 50,000 couriers with half a million customers around Europe, delivering over 1 million items in this time.

As well as serving the UK market, Clicktrans also operates in Portugal, Spain, Germany and Poland.

One of the app’s features is to allow couriers to search by area and route. This allows the drivers to only go for roles that suit them. The app allows them to bid while on the move, perhaps getting backloads as they return from a delivery. They can also respond to messages from clients more quickly, potentially increasing their chances of being hired as they go.

Michael Brzezinski, CEO of Clicktrans commented: “The Clicktrans app is a response to the needs of couriers registered on Clicktrans. It helps users gain new clients faster and more easily. Launching the app is just the beginning our app will be constantly developed to improve the quality of couriers’ jobs.”