CMU founds Advanced Robotics Manufacturing institute

The US government’s Department of Defense has made the announcement that it is to part fund an independent robotics institute. Part of the Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), it will receive over US$250 million and will be set up in Pittsburgh.

The CMU released a statement on Friday that said the Advanced Robotics Manufacturing Institute will receive $80 million from the Department of Defense while an additional $173 million will be given by private sector partner organisations.

The CMU statement added: “The high-level award puts Pittsburgh and CMU at the centre of a new wave of manufacturing, leveraging artificial intelligence, autonomy, 3-D printing and other emerging technologies to make industrial robotics more affordable for businesses of all sizes, adaptable for many uses, and able to achieve more.

“Government, industry and academic leaders said this new generation of robotics has the potential to create large numbers of new jobs and fuel economic growth by putting the U.S. squarely in the lead on advanced manufacturing.”

Howie Choset, a professor in Carnegie Mellon’s Robotics Institute, said that the “four-pronged mission” of the institute is to empower American workers to compete with low-wage workers abroad; create and sustain new jobs to secure U.S. national prosperity; lower the technical, operational, and economic barriers for small- and medium- sized enterprises as well as large companies to adopt robotics technologies; and assert U.S. leadership in advanced manufacturing.

On its own website , ARM states that its 10-year goals include “increasing worker productivity by 30%, creating 510,000 new manufacturing jobs in the U.S., ensuring that 30% of SMEs adopt robotics technology, and providing the ecosystem where major industrial robotics manufacturers will emerge”.  
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